What Is Lymphatic Massage and Why Is It Popular?

What Is Lymphatic Massage and Why Is It Popular - Lympha Rx

You may have heard of lymphatic drainage massage from many sources, but in this blog, we’ll go over why you should receive a lymphatic drainage massage, what are its benefits, and what to do before the massage and what to expect during and after the session. So, let’s take a minute to explore this form of very helpful bodywork!

Why should you care about your lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is the most effective means for our systems to eliminate pollutants and combat disease. This vital bodily system is made up of organs, ducts, and nodes. The lymphatic system, in particular, aids the immune system by eliminating cellular waste, debris, dead blood cells, and toxins. It also collects fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive tract and distributes them throughout the body to where they are required.

What is a lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic massage is a type of therapeutic tissue massage that is mild, non-invasive and has a profound effect on the body because it stimulates the lymphatic system. This specialist therapy can decrease edema and promote lymphatic circulation throughout the body.

Additionally, lymphatic massage aids in the maintenance of fluid equilibrium between the blood and tissues in our body. It is the most soothing and pleasant approach to managing the lymphatic system, often known as the body’s waste system.

Why does lymphatic massage matter?

Lymphatic massage treatment aids in the restoration of lymph fluid circulation in the lymphatic system, ensuring that all lymph nodes drain appropriately. This style of massage involves gentle pressure and provides long-term skin benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of lymphatic massage:

  • Improves Immunity – Because the lymphatic system fights infections and speeds up healing and recovery, this massage is believed to help you lower your risks of getting a cold or obtaining a virus.
  • Reduces Swelling & Water Retention – People who suffer from illnesses such as arthritis have lymph fluid buildup in their joints. All of these illnesses benefit from lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Improves Skin Texture – Lymphatic massage reduces edema, puffiness, and blotches on the skin and speeds up scar healing. Toxins in the skin may be broken down by this type of massage, too.
  • Promotes Fast Healing After Surgery – Lymphatic massage facilitates healing and tissue regeneration following a surgery. Also, it cleanses the body and lowers post-surgical edema.
  • Boosts Weight Loss – This therapy increases your metabolic rate, allowing your body to burn calories more effectively.

What to do before your session?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water in your system will help you get the optimum results throughout your session. It is also very advised not to eat anything before the session, since the massage works best on an empty stomach to fully drain your system.

What to expect during your session?

Your therapist will concentrate on regions of the body containing lymph nodes, particularly your torso, and other body parts that hold extra fluid, such as your legs, hips, and face. The massage session will also last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

What to expect after your session?

You’re going to pee a lot, and the desire will hit you nearly immediately after your massage. The good news is that the more pee you do, the better the outcomes will be. However, it’s critical to remember to keep hydrated after your appointment.

Lymphatic massage therapy is available at Lympha Rx. Call us now to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

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