Lymphatic Massage: What to Expect Before, During, & After

Lymphatic Massage What to Expect Before During and After - Lympha Rx

If your lymphatic system is under attack or damaged, fluid buildup in your lymph nodes can cause discomfort and swelling. But can something as simple as a touch – in the form of a lymphatic drainage massage – help you?

Because your lymphatic system helps waste and toxins exit your body, a lymphatic massage may help speed up the process if it becomes clogged. In this blog, let’s learn more about it and what to expect before, during, and after the session.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system that is in charge of ridding your body of toxins by transporting lymph throughout your body — preventing toxins from accumulating and causing disease. Lymph is a clear fluid that contains a high concentration of white blood cells; it aids your body in fighting infections and diseases.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, tired, and susceptible to respiratory infections like the flu and colds, it could be because your lymphatic system isn’t working as it should be. A damaged lymphatic system can put you at risk of even severe conditions such as cancer and lymphedema.

And this is where a lymphatic massage can come in handy! Lymphatic massage is a gentle massage that promotes lymph flow throughout the body. It aims to remove toxins, restore the functions of your immune system, and ultimately prevent a variety of health conditions.

Because the pressure on the lymph capillaries must be kept low, you should have it done by a licensed lymphatic specialist, such as us here at Lympha Rx! 

Let’s take a look below at what to expect from a lymphatic massage session:

Before the Session

Before the session, your therapist may ask you to do simple deep breathing exercises to stimulate your lymphatic system and prepare your lymph nodes to take in more fluid.

During the Session

During the massage, your therapist will concentrate on the lymph node areas, such as your armpits, groin, and neck. The therapist will then use very light pressure and long strokes to move the lymph fluid where the organs can effectively eliminate the toxins. Your therapist will re-stimulate your lymphatic system and enhance the flow of lymph fluid in your body. As a result, you feel remarkably relaxed throughout the session!

After the Session

You will feel a lot better by the time you get off the massage table, especially if you have swelling in your arm or leg. You will feel better immediately after the session and even better hours later! You will also feel extremely rejuvenated, which will likely last for several days after your session.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of lymphatic massage? Allow our fully qualified therapists at Lympha Rx to come to your home for much-needed lymphatic massage therapy! We have been in the field for years now, specializing in lymphatic massage! We will provide you with the advantages of lymphatic massage without requiring you to leave your home! Call us now!

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