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Lymphatic Massage and Weight Loss: An Untold Story

“Can lymphatic massage aid in weight loss?”

And this is the most often asked question by our prior clientele at Lympha Rx. However, the answer to the question is complex. Lymphatic massage aids weight reduction, although possibly not the way you anticipate it.

If you’re having trouble meeting your weight loss objectives, it’s worth looking into if there’s an underlying issue that’s preventing you from succeeding, such as a poor lymphatic system!

What is A Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system consists of a network of thin tubes known as lymph vessels and lymph nodes (or glands) that travel throughout the body and remove waste materials. In addition to our arterial and venous circulations, it serves as a third circulation system.

A sluggish lymphatic system may be to blame if you’re weary, feeling under the weather, retaining excess weight, having trouble sleeping, experiencing hormone imbalances, getting recurrent infections, and experiencing bloating and puffiness.

However, there is one best alternative that can help – lymphatic massage!

What is Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic massage is a non-invasive and risk-free treatment. It does not cause discomfort associated with more severe therapies such as deep tissue massage since it focuses on mild to moderate stretching of the skin.

So How Can Lymphatic Massage Help You Lose Weight?

1. It Expels Toxins
Toxins in the body can lead to various disorders, including losing weight harder. If you’ve tried a tight diet and fitness regimen with little to no success, a sluggish lymph system might be to blame.

A frequent manual lymphatic drainage massage session might be beneficial. By removing pollutants from your body, you are giving it a much-needed respite. It directs energy and blood flow to fat cells as it recharges you.

2. Increases Circulation
Suffocated blood circulation can cause lethargy and other significant problems. This, in turn, may place more strain on your body, resulting in weight gain.

Clients, on the other hand, report feeling more energized and alive after receiving a lymphatic massage. And this is frequently caused by an increase in circulation. Increased energy leads to increased drive to exercise, resulting in weight loss!

3. Discharges Water Retention
Swelling in your feet, ankles, hands, tight joints, and weight gain are all symptoms of water retention.

Lymphatic drainage massage encourages the discharge of water retention by promoting the circulation of lymph arteries and nodes.

4. Supports Liver & Kidneys

Lymphatic massage also helps with weight reduction by strengthening the liver and kidneys.

Systematic lymphatic massage to specific parts of the body increases circulation. Circulation enables the kidneys and liver to accomplish what they do best: detoxify our bodies.

In conclusion, lymphatic massage does not result in weight reduction immediately. However, it does promote a well-rounded health weight loss regimen! Remember, there is no substitute for a good diet and exercise program for losing weight!

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