How to Do It Yourself the Home Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

How to Do It Yourself the Home Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Lympha Rx

Lymphatic drainage is a massage method that helps shift surplus fluid in your body via your lymph vessels. The aim is to enhance circulation by focusing on areas where fluid accumulates, causing lumps or pockets in your muscles. And this can be beneficial for persons experiencing swelling from medical disorders such as lymphedema and cellulite.

The massage uses continuous rhythmic pressure to move fluid through the lymphatic system and back into your bloodstream, where it may be filtered out of your body. It acts almost like an internal shower for your skin, flushing away all the pollutants.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a network of connective tissues and organs that drains and removes excess fluid and waste from your body. Furthermore, the lymphatic system distributes lipids, water, proteins, and toxins to lymph nodes, which are tiny clusters of cells found throughout the body that contain immune cells and function to combat infection. And this is where lymphatic drainage massage comes into play!

If you have swelling, discomfort, infections, hormone imbalances, exhaustion, lupus, depression, or anxiety, a lymphatic drainage massage may be the right solution for you. Two to three times each week, give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage. You can get this sort of massage from a massage therapist, but with good technique and a list of locations to massage, you can do it at home on yourself or others.

How to do a lymphatic drainage massage at home?

Because it contains some of the biggest lymph nodes in your body, the neck is an excellent location for lymphatic drainage massage. Begin by placing your fingertips in the triangular dip above your collarbone. Again, softly and slowly stretch the skin in a downward motion with a very delicate touch.

Place your hands flat on the back of your neck, near the base of the skull on either side of your spine. Then, extend your skin toward your spine and bring your fingers down to the base of your neck – then release.

Finally, lay your entire right hand over your neck, index finger on your jaw. Move your hands downward toward your collarbone with a gentle touch and just enough pressure to softly stretch your skin.

Important Notes:

The strokes used in lymphatic massage are delicate, light, slow, rhythmic, and soothing. You want to move slowly and deliberately rather than quickly and forcefully. Massage the fluid in one direction, typically not in circles, toward the lymph nodes. Make the massage peaceful and calming by taking deep belly breaths as you go through it—actually, it’s fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

When to visit or call a professional for a lymphatic drainage massage?

While DIY lymphatic massage treatment can be beneficial for moderate ailments or as part of your daily body-care regimen, a professional lymphatic drainage massage therapist is highly recommended for severe or recurring concerns. So, if you have significant edema or a restricted range of motion in a specific place, seek a professional lymphatic massage therapist right away, such as us here at Lympha Rx! Give us a call today to learn more or in assisting you in booking an appointment!

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