About Skincare Rx

Come to Life Rx to experience one of the many facials that we offer. We provide the following facials either to your home or in our facility. Classic, Anti-Aging, Skin Brightening, Acne Facial, Repair Facial, and Back Facial.

Our prices

Skincare Rx

Our expert esthetician will analyze and give your skin the much needed care that it needs. Here at Life Rx you can also book a manual therapy session or a lymphatic drainage session.

We have helped many of our clients not only feel pain free but also look renewed and refreshed.

Our Addons

LED light therapy

Helps stimulate collagen, repair, reduce hyperpigmentation aor kill bacteria + $27


Buffs away dead skin cells for a polished, smooth texture + $27


Shed away dull skin for a clearer, even and more youthful appearancev + $27


Tones your skin and enhances product penetration + $27


Firms, lifts, and tones + $27

Stem cells

Instantly repairs your skin + $37

Skincare Rx

Our Services

Classic facial

It is tailored to give your complexion a boost or even just to feel refreshed and relaxed. We will analyze your skin and you will receive customized products for your skin type/condition.

Repair facial

Is a facial designed to treat skin conditions like rosacea, dehydration, and sensitive skin. This facial will calm, hydrate, and heal your skin. Products used will have ingredients such as chamomile flower for a calming effect, aloe for inflammation reduction, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin.

Acne facial

Is a facial designed to treat acneic skin by using bacteria-reducing products that help clear, repair, and heal your skin. Blue LED light is also used during this treatment for enlarged oil glands and scars that were originally caused by acne.

Skincare Rx

Our Services

Anti-aging facial

Is designed to firm, smooth and uplift skin with peptides, serums, and stem cells. If you are looking for a smoother and more youthful complexion this is the facial for you. Not only will we use products that help your skin have a healthier and younger appearance but we will also use collagen enhancing equipment to further your result.

Brightening facial

Is designed to even your skin tone for a smoother and brighter appearance. We will use microdermabrasion and a chemical peel to slough off damaged cells, Green LED, kojic acid and arbutin to remedy hyper-pigmentation. This facial is perfect for women and men who struggle with conditions such as melasma, uneven skin tone, sun damage and dark spots.

Back Facial

Is a treatment designed to clear up back acne and scarring. We will use bacteria-reducing products that help clear and heal your skin, while upgrading your exfoliation with microdermabrasion and a chemical peel to reduce post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.